Approved Despacho nº 9329, de 17 de Agosto de 2015

Coordenador do Mestrado em Educação Pré-Escolar e Ensino do 1º Ciclo


Ana Patrícia Almeida
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The aim of this training is for the future Master in Pre-School Education to develop not only a set of specific skills that will allow direct intervention with children in the planning, planning, implementation and evaluation of the teaching-learning process, as well as as broader competencies that foster active participation in institutional life, for example, in school management and in relation to the various socio-educational actors.



Curricular Integration and Evaluation 1st Semester 2
Expressive Practices in Childhood 1st Semester 8
Research Methods in Education I 1st Semester 2
Methodology for Teaching Earth and Life Sciences 1º Semestre 8
Ethics and Professional Deontology 1st Semester 2
Supervised Teaching Practice I 1st Semester 8

Research Methods in Education II

2nd Semester 2

Methodology forTeaching Portuguese Language

2nd Semester 8
Introduction to Mathematical Games 2nd Semester 4
Body and Dramatic Expression 2nd Semester 4
Supervised Teaching Practice I 2nd Semester 12
Methodology for Teaching History and Geography 1st Semester 8
Methodology for Teaching Mathematics 1st Semester  8
Values and Citizenship in Educational Practice 1st Semester 2

School Organization and Management

1st Semester 2
Intervention in Child Development and Family Support 1st Semester 2
Multiculturalism and Intercultural Education 1st Semester 2
Digital Technologies in Education 1st Semester 2
Introduction to English Language in Preschool Education and 1st Cycle 1st Semester 2
Special Educational Needs 1st Semester 2
Final Report Support Seminar 1st Semester  2
Supervised Teaching Practice II 1st Semester 8
Teaching Portuguese as a 2nd Language 2nd Semester 5
Experimental Teaching of Sciences 2nd Semester 5
Final Report 2nd Semester 8
Supervised Teaching Practice II 2nd Semester 12