Approved by Despacho nº 10715/2015

Coordenador do Mestrado em Ensino do Inglês


José Reis Jorge
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This Master wants students to be able to:

Develop linguistic, social and cultural skills;
To acquire a knowledge of the main linguistic and psycho-pedagogical theories that inform the teaching-learning process of a second language;
Acquire a knowledge of innovative methodologies and technological supports;
Analyze contents for the early teaching of the English language;
To develop a didactic repertoire for the early teaching of the English language;
Acquire knowledge of org. and implement. pedagogy in contemporary learning environments;
Develop key competences for intervention in educational contexts;
Develop skills oriented to the analysis of complex educational situations and to research in education;
Promote the construction of these skills in theory / practice articulation;
Promote reflection, responsibility, specialization and professional ethics;
Develop skills in the context of an active participation in school institutions.



Teaching English in Childhood I 1st Semester 5
Methods and Techniques for Research in Education 1st Semester 2
Educational Psycology 1st Semester 2
Language Development in Childhood 1st Semester 2
C2 English I 1st Semester 4
Teaching Oral English I 1st Semester 5

Supervised Teaching Practice I

1st Semester 10
Teaching Oral English II 2nd Semester 5
Teaching English in Childhood II 2nd Semester 5
C2 English II 2nd Semester 4
Oral English 2nd Semester 4
Integrated Curricular Project 2nd Semester 2
Supervised Teaching Practice I 2nd Semester 10
New Technologies in Teaching English in Childhood 1st Semester 5
C2 English III 1st Semester 4
English-speaking cultures 1st Semester 4
Special EducationalNeeds and Pedagogical Differentiation 1st Semester 2

Final Report Support Seminar 

1st Semester 3
Professional Ethics 1st Semester 2
Supervised Teaching Practice II 1st Semester 10