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The training offered is advanced and transversal to the activity related to Air Transport Operations, and aims to provide students with management knowledge, complementary and comprehensive, with a view to optimizing operational performance in business environment.

The course takes a systemic approach to air transport through the analysis of airlines and airports from the economic, operational, marketing and financial, performance and human resources management points of view. To that extent, the course provides students with the knowledge essential to an effective and competent integration in the air transport sector.



Quantitative Methods in Business Sciences 1st Semester 5
Fundamentals of Business Management 1st Semester 5
Fundamentals of Air Transport 1st Semester 3
Marketing and Commercial Management of Airlines 1st Semester 4
Air Transport Economics 1st Semester 5
Airports Management 1st Semester 3

Managing People in Organizations

1st Semester 5

Strategic Management of Air Transport

2nd Semester 4
Airworthiness and Maintenance 2nd Semester 5
Fleet Management and Planning 2nd Semester 4
Quality Management 2nd Semester 4
Operations and Safety Management 2nd Semester 4
Human Factors and Behavior 2nd Semester 4
Management and Evaluation of Projects 2nd Semester 3
Research Methodologies in Business Sciences 1st Semester 6
Seminars 1st Semester 4
Final Project 1st Semester 50
Research Methodologies in Business Sciences 2st Semester 6
Seminars 2st Semester 4
Final Project 2st Semester 50