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Dra. Ana Roque
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Optometry is a profession with high relevance in primary visual care, which comprises a body of knowledge of physical, ophthalmic and physiological optics, neurosciences, specific techniques and rehabilitation protocols, aimed at the correction/offset of visual deficits for the improvement of the visual functions.

Optometrists provide extensive care in vision and visual system, including detection, analysis, assessment and compensation of refractive nature visual problems, functional and binocular, with the purpose of prescribing lenses, visual aids, training and/or rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system and referencing to medical specialties.



Anatomy and General Physiology 1st Semester 6
Mathematics I 1st Semester 6
Biophysics 1st Semester 6
General Chemestry 1st Semester 6
Physiological Optics 1st Semester 3
Mathematics II 2nd Semester 6
Anatomy and Ocular Physiology 2nd Semester 6
Physics I 2nd Semester 6
Geometrical Optics 2nd Semester 6
Biochemestry 2nd Semester 6
Optical Materials I 1st Semester 3
Psysics II 1st Semester 6
Optometry I 1st Semester 6
Optical Physics I 1st Semester 3
Mathematics III 1st Semester 6
Applied Calculus 1st Semester 6
Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2nd Semester 4
Optical Physics II 2nd Semester 4
Optometry II 2nd Semester 6
Ophthalmic Optics I 2nd Semester 4
Psysics III 2nd Semester 6
Optical Materials II 2nd Semester 6
Optometry III 1º Semestre 6
Immunopathology and General Pharmacology 1º Semestre 6
Ophthalmic Optics II 1º Semestre 6
Contactology I 1º Semestre 6
Optical and optometric instruments 1º Semestre 6
Contactology II 2º Semestre 8
Clinical Optometry 2º Semestre 8
Perception and Visual Neuro processing 2º Semestre 4
Immunopathology and Ocular Pharmacology 2º Semestre 6
Psychology Applied to Optometry 2º Semestre 2
Ethics and Deontology 2º Semestre 2