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João Serrano

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This degree program provides a solid background in management, an integrated understanding and a thorough preparation for hospitality management activities, both in tourism and in health care. In particular, it provides the knowledge base and the tools needed for excellence in administrative and commercial management of hospitality. It qualifies the graduates for an integrated direction and management of operations, in institutions and departments, such as administration of food & beverage, hotel management in the tourism context and in hospital, nutrition and food hygiene, food and pastries, eno-gastronomy.



Economics I 1st Semester 5
Ethics and Deontology 1st Semester 3
Computing Management 1st Semester 5
English I 1st Semester 4
Management Introduction 1st Semester 2
Foreign Language I (Spanish I or French I) 1st Semester 4
Probabilities and Statistics 1st Semester 4

Seminar I

1st Semester 3
General  Accounting 2nd Semester 3
Economics II 2nd Semester 4
English II 2nd Semester 4
Hospitality and Tourism Legislation 2nd Semester 2
Foreign Language II (Spanish II or French II) 2nd Semester 4
Quantitative Methods 2º Semestre  4
Introduction to Hospitality Management 2nd Semester 3
Hospitality Production Techniques and Hospitality Service I 2nd Semester 6
Rooms Management I 1st Semester 6
Food Production Management 1st Semester 6
Human Resources Management 1st Semester 2

Higiene and Food Safety

1st Semester 4
English III 1st Semester 3
Foreign Language III (Spanish III or French III) 1st Semester 3
Nutrition and Dietetics 1st Semester 4
Seminar II 1st Semester 2
Management Accounting 2nd Semester 3
Rooms Management II 2nd Semester 6
Events Management 2nd Semester 3
Marketing Management 2nd Semester 3
Quality Management 2nd Semester 3
English IV 2nd Semester 3
Foreign Language (Spanish IV or French IV) 2nd Semester 3
Production Techniques and Hospitality Service II 2nd Semester 6
Gastronomy and Enology 1st Semester 4
Human and Profissional Development 1st Semester 4
Hotel Design 1st Semester 3
Food & Beverage Management 1st Semester 5
Hospitality Computing Aplications 1st Semester 4
Negotiations and Sales Techniques 1st Semester 4
Option I (Logistics Management or Hospitality Management in Health and Care Units) 1st Semester 4
Seminar III 1st Semester 2
Internship 2nd Semester 10
Strategic Management 2nd Semester 4
Financial Management 2nd Semester 4
Project Management 2nd Semester 2

Option II (Activity and Culture Tourism)

2nd Semester 3

Option III (Markets and Tourists Destinations)

2nd Semester 3

Environmental Sustainability

2nd Semester 4