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Rui Quadros
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This degree, unique in the country, aims to prepare graduates with a solid background in management and an integrated view of economic activities associated with the civil aviation sector. Our teachers are professionals engaged in all functional areasof the aviation industry.

The growth of air travel in recent years demands a corresponding investment in infrastructure and equipment, as well as the parallel development and use of information and communication systems. Despite the economic crisis, global air transport is expected to grow about 5% per year until 2030, which represents a higher overall growth of 150%. The large construction companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer prepare their future betting on regional boom markets. According to Airbus in 2023, 15%of the seats will be provided for long-haul aircraft.

Areas of work involved in this process are flight operations, airline management, ground and airport management, management and control of space and air traffic. All related activities will have to follow the growth of the sector and, therefore, be supported by professionals with more adequate knowledge and skills.

Thus, the degree in Aeronautical Management is a strong contribution to the training and qualification of professionals for the management functions and management of institutional units or companies related to the civil aviation sector.

Professionals formed at ISEC develop their activities in companies like TAP, SATA, Portugalia, Euro Atlantic, Emirates, QatarAirways, etc.



Mathematics I 1st Semester 6
Introduction to Organization and Management 1st Semester 5
Accounting and Management Control I 1st Semester 5
Technical English 1st Semester 5
Computer Science 1º Semestre 4
Flight Safety 1st Semester 3
Aeronautical Seminar 1st Semester 2
Operational Investigation 2nd Semester 4
Financial Management I 2nd Semester 6
Fundamentals of Air Transport 2nd Semester 4
Economics 2nd Semester 3
Introduction to Law 2nd Semester 4
Probability and Statistics 2nd Semester 4
Accounting and Management Control II 2nd Semester 5
Financial Management II 1st Semester 6
Marketing Management 1st Semester 6
Airport Management 1st Semester 4
Air Law I 1st Semester 5
Air Transportation Economics and Manegement I 1st Semester 6
Aircraft 1st Semester 3
Air Transportation Economics and Management II 2nd Semester 6
Air Law II 2nd Semester 6
Maintenance 2nd Semester 6
Law of Contracts and Societies 2nd Semester 3
Quality 2nd Semester 3
Handling 2nd Semester 6
Sales Management 1st Semester 6

Accounting and Management Control III

1st Semester 3
Operations 1st Semester 6
Aviation regulations 1st Semester 3
Project I 1st Semester 6
Strategic Management 1st Semester 6
Air Navigation 2nd Semester 3
Administration of Civil Aviation 2nd Semester 6
Ethics and Deontology 2nd Semester 2
Human Resource Management in Aviation 2nd Semester 6
Fiscality 2nd Semester 5
Project II 2nd Semester 8