Approved by Despacho n.º 13202/2015, de 18 de Novembro.


Coordenador Licenciatura Engenharia de Proteção Civil

Paulo Gil Martins
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Coordenação da Licenciatura em Engenharia de Proteção Civil

Mónica Gomes
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Civil Protection is the activity developed by the State and by Citizens in order to prevent collective risks inherent in situations of serious accident or catastrophe, of natural or technological origin, social or complex, and to mitigate its effects, helping people in distress, when those situations occur.

This degree seeks to equip and qualify students with a set of multidisciplinary knowledge enabling them to intervene appropriately in society and citizens, in the different areas of intervention of the civil protection system, obtaining the skills, processes, and technology dimensions that civil protection agent use. These goals come true through strategies of sensitization, information, training, prevention, protection, planning, relief and emergency management, anticipating the consequences of accidents, serious accidents, catastrophes or natural disasters, helping people and other living beings in danger, protecting environmental goods and cultural and high public interest values, and supporting the replacement of the normality of life and society.



Introduction to Civil Protection 1st Semester 3.5
Mathematics I 1st Semester 6
Chemistry I 1st Semester 6
Introduction to Information Technology I 1st Semester 2.5
Environment Geology and Geologic Risk 1st Semester 4.5
English 1st Semester 3.5
Human Geography 1st Semester 1.5
Right applied to Civil Protection 1st Semester 2.5
Mathematics II 2nd Semester 6
Introduction to Information Technology II 2nd Semester 4
Chemistry II 2nd Semester 5
Introduction to Environment Problematic 2nd Semester 3
Physics I 2nd Semester 6
Probabilities and Statistics 2nd Semester 4
International Systems of Relief and Assistance 2nd Semester 2
Physics II 1st Semester 5
Projects Management 1st Semester 4.5
Hydrological Resources 1st Semester 4.5
Mathematics III 1st Semester 5.5
Climate and Extreme Meteorological Phenomena 1st Semester 6
Territory Ordainment 1st Semester 4.5
Risk Assessment 2nd Semester 4.5
Forest Fires 2nd Semester 6
Technological Risks 2nd Semester 6
Sismic Risk 2nd Semester 5
Operations Research 2nd Semester 3.5
Environmental Impact Assessment 2nd Semester 5
Training Conception and Management 1st Semester 4.5
Communication Systems 1st Semester 3.5
Disasters Prevention and Public Health 1st Semester 4
Building Fire Prevention 1st Semester 6
Project I 1st Semester 5
Emergency Communication Management 1st Semester 2
Safety and Hygiene at Work 1st Semester 5
Human Factors and Behaviour 2nd Semester 2
Emergency Planning 2nd Semester 4
Logistics and Administration 2nd Semester 4.5
Crises Management 2nd Semester 4.5
Project II 2nd Semester 7
Ethics and Organizational Behaviour 2nd Semester 2
Materials Technology 2nd Semester 6